News & Announcements

  • The County of Santa Barbara, in cooperation with local, state and federal emergency agencies, opened a Local Recovery and Assistance Center for victims of the Thomas Fire and January Storm incident. This Assistance Center serves as a single point resource hub for those who have been impacted by these disasters. Representatives from Federal, State, Local and non-profit agencies are on site to provide resources such as housing assistance, counseling support, information to aid in rebuilding, permitting, loss of business and/or employment, hazardous materials cleanup, basic health and human services resources, and other issues that have impacted people from the unprecedented back to back disasters.  See the press release (español) for full information.

  • FEMA has announced disaster assistance for those impacted by the wildfires, flooding and mudflows in Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Barbara and Ventura counties. Read more information and view a short video

  • INSIDE THE EMERGENCY: THE THOMAS FIRE RESPONSE: Imagine you receive notification that you are living in an area subject to mandatory fire evacuation, and you are directed to leave your home immediately. But you can't just grab your pets and a few valuables and run to your car to drive off because you have physical limitations that prevent you from doing so...Read More

  • In the event of a power outage, local radio stations become an important source for emergency information. Visit this link for a list of stations to check if you lose power and cannot access the internet.

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