Suzanne Grimmesey, MFT, Chief Quality Care and Strategy Officer, is responsible for leadership of Quality Care and Strategy Management within the Department of Behavioral Wellness.  The Quality Care and Strategy Management unit provides decision-support services to the Executive Team.  This team provides a wide range of strategic management and accountability services to help the Department recognize and manage new challenges, capitalize on emerging opportunities and proactively identify and address program performance problems. A key responsibility of Strategy Management within the department, but also in other companies or organizations, is assisting the Executive Team and Department with creating, communicating, executing and sustaining strategic initiatives within the Department.  Suzanne has worked with the Department of Behavioral Wellness since 1998 in a variety of roles, including Quality Assurance Training Coordinator, Calle Real Adult Outpatient Clinic Manager, Mental Health Treatment Court Program Manager, Division Manager for Children's Services and Division Chief for Program Operations. She earned her BA in Psychology from the University of San Diego, holds a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology, and is licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist.