Santa Barbara Board of Supervisors

Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors

The Board of Supervisors of the County of Santa Barbara is comprised of five elected officials representing each of the five supervisory districts in the County. Each board member is elected for a four-year term. The position of Chairperson rotates annually among the five members.

The Board generally convenes in regular session on four Tuesdays each month. Two of these meetings are held in Santa Barbara and two in Santa Maria. The Board sets policy for County departments, oversees the County budget, and adopts ordinances on local matters, as well as land use policies that affect unincorporated areas (areas outside of cities).

Our Mission: Provide quality public services to the people of Santa Barbara County in response to their need for a healthy, safe, and prosperous environment; and to establish and maintain a workforce which reflects the diversity of the community.

Board of Supervisors Online Resources:

District Map

District Map


The information posted on this web page is intended as a public resource and does not constitute the entire record of the proceedings of the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors. The goal of the Clerk of the Board is to provide as much information as possible through this web page. Certain documents, however, are not available in an electronic format due to size or unavailability to the Clerk of the Board Office and, as such, are not available for posting on the Internet. The public record of the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors is available during all regular business hours at the Office of the Clerk of the Board located at 105 East Anapamu St., Rm 407, Santa Barbara CA. If you have any questions regarding this web site or the record of the Board of Supervisors please call the Clerk of the Board at (805) 568-2240.


1st District: Salud Carbajal

Phone: (805) 568-2186
Fax: (805) 568-2534
Website: Salud Carbajal

2nd District: Janet Wolf

Phone: (805) 568-2191
Fax: (805) 568-2283
Website: Janet Wolf

3rd District: Doreen Farr, Vice Chair

Phone: (805) 568-2192
Fax: (805) 568-2883
Solvang: (805) 686-5095
Fax: (805) 686-8133
Website: Doreen Farr

4th District: Peter Adam, Chair

Lompoc: (805) 737-7700
Santa Maria: (805) 346-8407
Website: Peter Adam

5th District: Steve Lavagnino

Santa Maria: (805) 346-8400
Fax: (805) 346-8404
Website: Steve Lavagnino