Supervisor Joan Hartmann - Around the District- Photo Gallery

The Third District is largest geographic district in the County and I love to meet constituents and attend events throughout all the corners of the district.  Here I share just a few images of events that I have had the pleasure of attending.   

Home Challenge 1

50 Home Challenge

Meet the Aichingers and the Tambinis, the first two families to complete home projects through the 50 Home Challenge - Solvang. Both families were recognized at last night's Solvang City Council Meeting. The 50 Home Challenge is a community-led effort to retro-fit homes, making them more energy efficient and comfortable. Solvang residents can learn more about this program by clicking  here.  (Left and bottom)

Home Challenge 2


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Tanglewood Beautification 

On April 14- I had the opportunity to support Serve Santa Maria and the Tanglewood Beautification Project with the task of honoring their request to help clean up their town.  Over 75 volunteers and organizations such as Bedford Enterprises, Waste Management, Santa Barbara County Public Works, Santa Maria Bonita Elementary School, Arrellanes Jr High School , Portable Johns, The Santa Maria Chamber of Commerce, and Home Depot all worked together with residents to organize the tremendous effort.  (Pictured with Pastor Carl Nielson of Serve Santa Maria, and Noris Bentivegna of Tanglewood Beautification.)


Amtrak Commuter Rail Links Ventura to Santa Barbara

After decades of planning, the Amtrak commuter rail was finally launched for Central Coast commuters! Commuters from Los Angeles and Ventura Counties can beat the traffic and take a smooth ride on an Amtrak into Santa Barbara in time for a normal work schedule. The ribbon cutting was fun! And my colleague, Das Williams, hopped on the train home to Carpinteria!! 

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Carbon Farming

On March 16, I enjoyed an informative tour of the Chamberlin Ranch, where they are spreading compost on range lands (carbon farming) which is creating healthier, more productive soils and grasses, increasing carbon sequestration from the atmosphere, and helping more rainwater enter and stay in the soils. This pilot project is a partnership of the Chamberlin Ranch, the Cachuma Resource Conservation District, the Santa Barbara Foundation, and the Community Environmental Council. It is my hope that more sites in the County can implement carbon farming which offers a climate change solution while increasing the productivity of the land.

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Isla Vista Community Center

I'm so excited about the progress at the Isla Vista Community Center. After some construction delays to make sure we got the right garage doors for the side wall, we are wrapping up phase I and will start phase II in the next couple months. This project is going to bring much needed community programming, events and gathering space for everyone who lives in IV

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Women's Speak UP 

On March 6, 2018, in Isla Vista, I was honored to attend one of six countywide Women's Speak UP Santa Barbara County Commission events hosted by the  Santa Barbara County Commission for Women. These events are free and open to the public and women and girls are especially encouraged to attend to share their thoughts, concerns, needs and ideas and how County government can be responsive to women's needs. Check out the Commission for Women's new website to see about upcoming forums.

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1 Billion Rising Revolution

On February 10, 2018 I I was joined by Mary Moreno-Zermeno Richardson,and Eldri Jauch at Lompoc City Hall in solidarity against exploitation of women at the 1 Billion Rising Revolution.

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2018 Santa Barbara International Film Festival 

On February 9, I was joined by Cathy Murillo, to help usher in the 2018 Santa Barbara International Film Festival!  What a gem this is for our County, as it brings in much needed community connection, art and commerce.

post 1 Emergency Operations Center

Lexi Beausoleil graciously organized a team of folks who thoughtfully made thank you cards for not only first responders and public safety personnel, but for the local government administrators who spend time around the clock at our Emergency Operations Center. These are folks, many of whom are volunteering, who normally work throughout our County doing a range of public service jobs, but spring into action when disaster calls, filling an array of important emergency response assignments. You'll never hear or read about these acts of dedication, but it is all instrumental to the response and recovery. This kind gesture of acknowledgement goes a long way to boosting morale.  Thank you to all who helped!!