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Renew 2022 Background:
The County embarked on the Renew 2022 (Renew '22) transformation initiative in 2017 to address financial and organizational challenges and make decisions that will transform the County for success well into the future. In January 2018, the Board of Supervisors approved more than 100 initiatives generated by employee subcommittees focused on these five components of Renew '22:

  • Re-Vision Our Organization
  • Re-Design How We Work, Re-Balance Our Resources
  • Respond To Residents and Customers
  • Retain High Performing Employees
  • Prepare the Next Generation of Leaders.

The implementation is a planned, focused and inclusive process requiring employees, County leadership and the Board of Supervisors to:

  • Create a common vocabulary and adhere to a vision of excellence
  • Take ownership and accountability for quality, essential services and outcomes through employee engagement and leadership-led empowerment
  • Brainstorm new ideas, take calculated risks, think outside of the box at all levels
  • Innovate and adapt to modern expectations and future needs, which includes agile systems and processes that support desired outcomes
  • Make effective decisions using accurate data analysis and metrics, and evaluate programs using performance indicators to establish a stronger and more vibrant organization
  • Share our success stories, case studies, best practices and celebrate our progress


Jan. 14, 2020 - KPMG Operational and Performance Reviews – County Executive Office 
   a. Board Letter
   b. Executive Summary
   c. KPMG Report
   d. Response and Implementation Timeframe
   e. Presentation


June 11, 2019 - FY 19-20 Budget Hearing
   a. Executive Summary 
   b. Board Letter 
   c. Budget At A Glance w/Renew '22 
   d. County Executive Office Department Presentation

April 15-17-19, 2019 - FY 19-20 Budget Workshops
   a. Board Letter 
   b. County Executive Office Department Presentation 
   c. Budget Workshop Summary  

Feb. 26, 2019
   a. Renew '22 Update Board Letter
   b. Renew '22 Update Presentation
   c. Renew '22 Progress Report


FY 18-19 Recommended Budget

FY 18-19 Budget Workshop Special Issue: Renew '22

Jan. 23, 2018 - Renew 22 Update to the Board
   a. Board Letter
   b. PPT Presentation
   c. Update Report


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