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Welcome to the Santa Barbara County's Equal Employment Opportunity Website!

The Santa Barbara County EEO Office provides services countywide through its main programs of investigations & workforce compliance, training and commission support. It is the goal of this office to enforce federal, state, and local laws, ordinances, and policies related to non-discrimination, anti-harassment and retaliation.

The EEO Office evaluates and investigates complaints filed by applicants and employees who believe they are experiencing discrimination, harassment or retaliation in County employment. This office also provides an opportunity to resolve issues quickly in a non-adversarial setting which may be an appropriate option to resolve certain EEO complaints.

The EEO Office provides training for departments, supervisors and employees on various topics such as harassment prevention, working in a diverse environment, and reasonable accommodation efforts consistent with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The EEO Office also coordinates and monitors the sexual harassment prevention training for County Managers & Supervisors in compliance with California Assembly Bill 1825.

Through our work with the commissions, we have the unique opportunity to evaluate the County's needs and address important community concerns. The activities of each commission represent the County's commitment to equality and diversity throughout our community.

We are honored to serve Santa Barbara County and support its commitment to diversity and equality of opportunity.