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On January 7, 2021, the COC Board adopted the following temporary addendum, which will apply to the Coordinated Entry Policies and Procedures until June 30, 2021 or CoC Board Action:

1.     All unsheltered or shelter system guests who enroll in the Coordinated Entry System, not only those prioritized for a housing intervention, can utilize rental assistance and other financial assistance that facilitates a housing placement through CoC, ESG, HEAP, HHAP, CESH and other funding sources when a housing opportunity is identified as long as the participant(s) meet funding eligibility criteria. The primary goal is to rapidly re-house as many persons as possible through existing resources and utilize the full range of housing options. 

2.     When in conflict with the existing prioritization scheme, this addendum would supersede existing CES policies. 

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California Homeless Data Integration System (HDIS)

Understanding the dynamic nature of the people that seek homelessness services over time gives us a clearer picture of what we can do to end homelessness, together. This and so many other topics are now possible to explore through California's newly launched Homeless Data Integration System (HDIS). Through the state's partnership with Continuums of Care, HDIS provides a sharper focus on what California has been doing to respond to the growing homelessness crisis.

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