Class Registration Fees

Santa Barbara County Employees:

  • Training classes up to 3.5 hours are $37.50 per employee
  • Training classes 4 - 8 hours are $75 per employee. 

Outside Organizations:

  • Training up to 3.5 hours: $75 per person
  • Training from 4 - 8 hours: $150 per person

Eligibility to Take Classes

  • OTD courses are open to all County employees – regular, safety, extra-help, and contractors on payroll. Employees must have their supervisor's approval to register for every class.
  • If you work for an external organization, such as a city, special district, or non-profit, you may qualify to participate in our training program. Some of our partners include CenCal Health, Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics, Santa Barbara County Air Pollution Control District, Ventura County, and San Luis Obispo County. Employees can attend classes at the OTD training centers in Santa Barbara or Santa Maria, or we can offer on-site, customized services.


All OTD classes begin and end on time and you are expected to attend the entire length of the class. Credit will not be given if you arrive late or leave a class before the end of the session or if you do not complete any other requirements of the class. Out of respect to fellow participants and our faculty, late arrivals will not be allowed in the class.

If you meet all requirements, your attendance in the class is recorded as "complete." Attendance information for general OTD classes is sent to SBCC so that you may receive academic credit as requested. If you do not attend the entire class or complete all requirements, your attendance will be recorded as "incomplete."

Attendance information is compiled at the end of each term and sent to your department as a confirmation that you did or did not complete the class(es).