Notices and Opportunity for Public Comment and CEQA Notices of Exemption

For Proposed Corrective Action Plans and Case Closures for Cleanup Sites in the Leaking Underground Fuel Tank and Site Mitigation Unit Programs 


To review a 30-day Public Notice, CEQA Notice of Exemptions and Reports regarding a Site, click on the "Notice Type" From the List Below



The public is given an opportunity to comment on the Notice of Proposed Corrective Action or Proposed Case Closure with a Land Use Covenant due to                  

Contamination Left in Place prior to the "Public Review Period Closing Date."

Interested Parties are given an Opportunity to Review the Notice of Exemption for a proposed Corrective Action Plan. Legal challenges for CEQA Determinations must be filed in court within the posted "Public Review Period Closing Date."


        Site Name

SMU or LUFT  Case #

             Address Contact  Phone             Number              Notice Type     Public Review  Period Opening Date
     Public Review  Period Closing Date 
Former Shell Station       901303925 State St., Santa Barbara, CA     805-346-834460-Days Public Notice of Pending Site Closure        11/15/2021          1/15/2022
CRC California Lease      20059690 E.  Newlove, Santa Maria, CA     805-346-834530-Days Public Notice of Pending Site Closure         11/12/2021        12/13/2021
Hanson-Sneddon Property          752421 E. Haley Street, Santa Barbara, CA    805-346-8345 30-Days Public Notice of Proposed   Remedial Action Plan        11/12/2021       12/13/2021
Twitchell Weging Lease Anomaly       20265 2770 Santa Maria Way, Santa Maria     805-346-8216  30-Days Public Notice of Proposed Remedial Action Plan        11/09/2021        12/09/2021 
Hanson-Sneddon Property         752421 E. Haley Street, Santa Barbara, CA    805-346-8345CEQA - Notice of Exemption         11/09/2021        12/14/2021
Laguna Haley Studios II, LLC          757401-409 E. Haley St, Santa Barbara, CA     805-346-834430-Days Public Notice of Proposed Remedial Action Plan         11/05/2021       12/15/2021
Twitchell Weging Lease Anomaly          7552770 Santa Maria Way, Santa Maria, CA    805-346-8216CEQA - Notice of Exemption        10/12/2021            4/12/2022
Former Community #1 Oil Well      20264
South of 690 E. Newlove, Santa Maria, CA
    805-346-8345CEQA - Notice of Exemption         10/06/2021          4/06/2022
Conoco/Phillips Former Rembusch Lease       201632831 Bradley Rd. / 2818 Starlite Ct., Santa Maria, CA     805-346-8345CEQA - Notice of Exemption          8/06/2021         2/07/2022