Food Facility-Retail

Food FaciliytOur food safety program helps to protect the public from food borne illnesses. Environmental Health Services staff conduct routine inspections of all food facilities and respond to complaints with immediate investigations.

It is our mission to keep restaurant and food facility proprietors in our area aware and in compliance with the minimum standards for retail food facilities, which are established by the California Retail Food Code (Cal Code).

During our inspections, Environmental Health Services' staff teach restaurant owners and employees proper food storage and handling, bug and rodent prevention, and also ensures the food being served is unadulterated and from approved sources. Environmental Health Services staff help new restaurant owners get off to a good start (and prevent expensive mistakes) with our plan check and initial inspection process. (See "Opening a food facility" under Resources).

California Menu Labeling Guidelines -

Beginning July 1, 2009, California's new Menu Labeling Law (California Health and Safety Code, Section 114094) sets forth nutritional disclosure requirements for standard menu items at Chain Food Facilities. Chain Food Facilities includes restaurants, bakeries, hotels/motels that provide food service, and movie theater concession stands with 20 or more locations within the State of California. For additional information select the California Menu Labeling Guidelines link under Resources.