Project Title: AMG & Associates, LLC Affordable Housing Development 
Case Number:  21ZCI-00000-00232 & 21BAR-00000-00209                  
Project Location: 1331 E. Foster Road, Orcutt, CA 93455; APN: 107-240-040
Assigned Staff and Division:

Shannon Reese, Development Review Division

Project Summary:

Proposal to develop a new 58-unit 100% affordable residential development on a 4.12-acre parcel located at 1331 E. Foster Road in the Orcutt area of Santa Barbara County. A mix of studio, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom units are proposed. The three-story residential community will consist of newly constructed units and community amenities for residents. One unit is dedicated to a live-in site manager. All other units will be affordable to lower income households, as defined by Section 50079.5 of the Health and Safety Code (80 percent of area median income, adjusted for family size and revised annually).

Project Status:

The proposed project is being submitted for processing pursuant to Senate Bill 35. SB 35 was signed into state law on September 29, 2017 and went into effect January 1, 2018. SB 35 applies statewide and was part of a larger 15-bill housing package aimed at addressing the state's housing shortage and high housing costs. Specifically, it requires the availability of a Streamlined Ministerial Approval Process for developments in localities that have not yet made sufficient progress towards their allocation of the regional housing need – this is the case for the County of Santa Barbara. Eligible developments must include a specified level of affordability, be on an infill site as defined by the bill, comply with existing objective residential and mixed-use general plan or zoning provisions, and comply with other requirements such as locational restrictions established in the bill. The intent of the legislation is to facilitate and expedite the construction of housing. Municipalities are responsible for determining consistency of the project with objective zoning, subdivision, or design review standards, but the project may not be subjected to a discretionary process or decision.

Review of the project's consistency with objective planning requirements and consistency with SB 35 is in progress. Please see key dates and milestones below:

North Board of Architectural Review Meeting: November 19, 2021 

Application Acceptance: October 19, 2021, the County must notify the developer within 60 days if the application is eligible for SB 35 processing and consistent with objective planning requirements

60-Day Review Period: December 17, 2021