CEQA Notices and Environmental Documents

The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) requires lead agencies to determine whether a project is exempt from environmental review or, if not exempt, the agency must prepare an environmental document.  New legislation (AB 819, effective January 1, 2022) that amends CEQA requires the posting of CEQA notices, Negative Declarations/Mitigated Negative Declarations (NDs/MNDs), and Environmental Impact Reports (EIRs) on the lead agency's website.  The following CEQA notices will be posted to the Planning and Development Department website when the department, acting as the lead agency, issues a notice for a project in compliance with CEQA, the State CEQA Guidelines, and the County Guidelines.

 • Notice of Exemption (NOE)

• Notice of Preparation (NOP)
  (for EIRs)

• Notice of Availability (NOA)
  (for public review of Draft NDs, MNDs, and EIRs)

• Notice of Determination (NOD)
  (for proposed Final NDs, MNDs, and EIRs)


All notices are posted by the name of the project.

Beginning January 1, 2022, to review NOEs please click here

To review NOPs, NOA, NODs, and their respective NDs, MNDs, or EIRs please click here and search by project name under "Active Projects" or "Inactive Projects."  Recent documents will be found under "Active Projects."