Project Title: Lehigh Hanson Deep Mining and Reclamation Project 
Case Number:  21RVP-00000-00047 and 21RVP-00000-00049 to 86-CP-106 RV01 and 86-RP-006 RV01                               
Project Location: Santa Barbara County
Assigned Staff and Division:

Katie Nall, Energy, Minerals and Compliance Division


The proposed project is undergoing initial application completeness review, to be conducted by August 2, 2021. 


The project request is for a revision (Case Nos. 21RVP-00000-00047 & 21RVP-00000-00049) to Conditional Use Permit (86-CP-106 RV01) and Reclamation Plan (Case No. 86-RP-006 RV01) for an existing mining operation to support the ongoing surface mining and reclamation activities at the Lehigh Hanson Sisquoc Plant near the community of Sisquoc in Santa Barbara County. The existing Reclamation Plan and Conditional Use Permit were approved by the County Planning Commission in 1998 and were anticipated to provide approximately 23 years of additional operation at the Sisquoc Plant through 2021.

The Sisquoc Quarry is an existing mining facility that excavates sand and gravel from and adjacent to the Sisquoc River located approximately 10 miles southeast of the City of Santa Maria. The associated Sisquoc Plant conducts aggregate and asphaltic concrete processing, as well as aggregate stockpiling, load-out, sales, construction materials recycling, and equipment storage and maintenance.

The project proposes to: 1) allow for an increased mining depth below groundwater to a total of 247 feet below ground surface within three existing off river-channel mining basins; 2) extend the mining termination date 60 years to 2081; 3) combine two of the three existing mining basins to form a single continuous basin; 4) revise the reclamation end use from wetland, riparian, and coastal scrub habitat to open groundwater lakes and associated habitat; and 5) revise the reclamation slope angles from 4:1 and 2:1 horizontal to vertical (H:V) slopes to 2:1 slopes.

The proposed project would increase the amount of extracted reserves to 23.8 million tons of materials over the lifetime of the mine. No change to the annual production amount of 400,000 tons per year, existing processing operations, materials to be mined, or hours of operation are proposed.

The project site is zoned AG-II-100, totaling 402.06 acres on Assessor's Parcel Numbers 129-110-015; -013; -014; -016; -017; -018; -024; and 129-210-026. The project is located at 5325 Foxen Canyon Road in Santa Maria, CA, Fifth Supervisorial District.


June - Present: The County is reviewing the application for initial completeness

June 18, 2021: Lehigh Hanson submitted an application to revise their existing Reclamation Plan and Conditional Use Permit


Application Package

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If you have any comments or questions, please contact the project planner, Katie Nall via email