Project Title: Orcutt Gas Station; & Appeals of Orcutt Gas Station
Case Number:  18CUP-00001, 18DVP-00001, 19NGD-00001, 20APL-00001, 21APL-00002                              
Project Location: 3616 Orcutt Road, Orcutt
Assigned Staff and Division:

Erick Sebastian Gomez, Planner, Development Review Division


Appealed to the County Planning Commission

Hearing Scheduled for July 28, 2021

Orcutt Gas Parcel Orcutt Gas Parcel Drawing

Project Description

The project is a request for the approval of a minor Conditional Use Permit and a Development Plan to allow the construction and operation a of a gasoline station with a commercial building. The subject property is a vacant .81-acre lot located at the southeast corner of the Orcutt Road / Lakeview Road intersection. The gasoline station will include a 5,054-square foot (sq. ft.) commercial building comprised of a 4,203 sq. ft. convenience store and an 851 sq. ft. retail space, as well as a detached 2,814 sq. ft. fuel canopy with four fuel dispensers. The commercial building will have a maximum parapet height of 23 feet (ft.). The fuel canopy will have a maximum height of 19 ft. The Project will utilize a modern western architectural style, consistent with the Old Town Orcutt Design Guidelines. Hours of Operation for the gas station will be from 5:00 AM to 12:00 AM. The Project will include 10,092 sq. ft. of new landscaping. The project will require the removal of eight trees, including one California Sycamore. Grading for the Project will include 440 cubic yards (cu. yds.) of cut and 430 cu. yds. of fill. The Project will be served by the Golden State Water Company, Laguna County Sanitation District, Pacific Gas and Electric Company, and the County Fire Department. Access will be provided from Orcutt Road and Lakeview Road by two 40 ft. wide paved driveways. The subject property is a 0.81-acre lot zoned Neighborhood Commercial (CN), shown as APN 107-011-028 and known as 3616 Orcutt Road, in the Orcutt area, Fourth Supervisorial District.


The project application was filed January 16, 2018. The application was deemed complete on January 24, 2019. Staff prepared a draft mitigated negative declaration (MND) for the project which was circulated for public review from July 12 through August 12, 2019. The Zoning Administrator approved the Project and adopted the Final MND at the December 21, 2020 Zoning Administrator Hearing. Two appeals of the Zoning Administrator's decision were filed on January 4, 2021. The Planning Commission will hear the appeals of the Project approval at the July 28, 2021 Planning Commission Hearing..


Application Submitted on January 16, 2018

Application Complete for Processing as of January 24, 2019

Approved by the Zoning Administrator on December 21, 2020

Appealed to the Planning Commission on January 4, 2021

Planning Commission Hearing on July 28, 2021

Documents and Links

Zoning Administrator Hearing Materials (Staff Report, Project Plans, MND, etc.)

Planning Commission Materials (Staff Report, Project Plans, MND, etc.)