Project Title: Brisa Encina Supportive Housing Development
Case Number:  21ZCI-00000-00085 & 21BAR-00000-00082                     
Project Location: Burton Mesa Blvd. at Calle Quarta in the Mission Hills neighborhood of Lompoc, CA 93436; APN: 097-111-007.
Assigned Staff and Division:

Shannon Reese, Development Review Division

Project Summary:

Proposal to develop a new 50-unit residential project on a 3.56- acre vacant parcel located near the corner of Burton Mesa Boulevard and Rucker Road in the Mission Hills area of Santa Barbara County. A mix of studio, one-bedroom, two-bedroom units are proposed around a central courtyard. Two 2-story buildings will house the one-bedroom and studio units; the two-bedroom units will be provided in single-story duplexes. One unit is dedicated to a live- in project manager, 75% of the units (36) will be offered to people earning in the County's "low-income" category (earning up to $3,865/month or $46,380 annually) and the remaining 25% of the units (12) will be offered to families currently experiencing homelessness.

Project Status:

The proposed project is being submitted for processing pursuant to Assembly Bill 2162. AB 2162 was signed into state law on September 26, 2018 and went into effect January 1, 2019. AB 2162 applies statewide and requires that qualifying supportive housing be a use that is permitted by right when the requirements of the bill are met. Under AB 2162, "use by right" means the local government's review of the supportive housing project may not require a conditional use permit, planned unit development permit, or other discretionary local government review or approval. The following excerpt from AB 2162 outlines the processing requirements:

65653. (a) The local government shall approve a supportive housing development that complies with the applicable requirements of this article. (b) The local government shall notify the developer whether the application is complete within 30 days of receipt of an application to develop supportive housing in accordance with this article. The local government shall complete its review of the application within 60 days after the application is complete for a project with 50 or fewer units, or within 120 days after the application is complete for a project with more than 50 units

Review of the project's consistency with objective planning requirements and consistency with AB 2162 is in progress. Please see key dates and milestones below:

North Board of Architectural Review Meeting: April 23, 2021 

Application Acceptance: Pending. Once the application is accepted, the County must notify the developer within 30 days if the application is complete.

30-Day Application Completeness Review: Pending.

60-Day Review Period: Pending.