REBUILDING MONTECITO                                       


Rebuilding after a major disaster can often be challenging as owners navigate through the permitting process.  The Planning and Development Department is committed to streamlining the rebuilding effort as much as possible within the current regulatory framework.  Case managers are assigned to each property to help guide homeowners through the rebuilding process.  If you have not been assigned a case manager yet, and would like to begin this process, please contact Planning and Development staff by phone at (805) 568-2090 or via email at:

Below are some helpful information regarding the rebuild process:


An interactive map of properties affected by the Thomas Fire and the subsequent January 2018 Storm is available here.  Click here for instructions on its use.  This map is updated on a periodic schedule and should be used for informational purposes only.  For the most up-to-date information regarding your property, please contact your assigned case manager or the Planning and Development Zoning Information Counter at (805) 568-2090.