Adult Court Services

The Adult Court Services Division provides direct criminal investigation services to the Superior Courts. This information is provided to the Courts in reports written by Deputy Probation Officers. Reports are provided in the case of defendants who are awaiting a judgment of guilt or innocence (Pre-Plea reports) or who have been found guilty and are awaiting the Court's disposition of their case (Pre-Sentence reports).  These reports include factual summaries of the offense, the social and criminal history of the offender, the defendant's statement, the statement of the victim or other interested parties, restitution information and an evaluation of the offense and the offender.  Both Pre-Plea and Pre-Sentence reports include a discussion of the defendant's eligibility for probation (the law prohibits probation in some cases) and a recommendation as to whether or not probation should, in the department's opinion, be granted.  If probation supervision is recommended, appropriate Terms and Conditions are also suggested.  If a defendant has been sentenced to prison and a report has not previously been ordered, a Post-Sentence report is prepared to provide prison officials with the offense summary and criminal/social history of the offender they are receiving. 


By law, some offenders may be "diverted" into treatment, education or counseling programs provided they meet requirements.  Probation participates in the diversion program pursuant to 1001.22 PC for defendants with cognitive developmental disabilities.  Probation and the Regional Center prepare reports for the Court and single or dual agency supervision may be ordered.