Adult Supervision

An adult offender placed on probation by the Superior Court in Santa Barbara County or released from custody on community supervision is supervised out of the office nearest his/her home.  The area offices are located in Santa Barbara, Lompoc, and Santa Maria.  The level of supervision each person receives is based upon an evaluation of the offender's risk to the community and services needed.  Offenders who present the highest risk to the community are given the most intensive supervision.

Adults being supervised in the community may have spent some time in custody and may be required to participate in drug and alcohol programs, treatment programs, counseling, vocational training and/or job placement programs.  An offender may be contacted at home, on the job or in the community and, in addition, may be required to submit to drug testing and to permit search of his or her personal property for contraband.  The payment of fines and fees and/or restitution to victims is also an important part of supervision caseloads.

Probation Forms

These forms are provided for your convenience.  Please print the form, complete it, and deliver it to your Probation Officer as instructed.

Please note:  The Monthly Report Forms are only applicable to offenders residing outside of the county.  All those residing in Santa Barbara County are required to report using the Kiosks located at the three main Probation offices in Santa Barbara, Santa Maria, and Lompoc.

Group Reporting