Public Safety Realignment

and the Community Corrections Plan

Public Safety Realignment was signed into California law in 2011, as part of a statewide effort to reduce overcrowding in the prisons while simultaneously addressing the state's financial situation. As part of this effort, Realignment rerouted the pathways for specific types of criminal justice offenders to be served at the local level versus the state level. A main focus is to link these offenders with appropriate and effective treatments and interventions, in order to assist them in accessing resources that can help them to become successful while out in the community.

To aide local jurisdictions effectively comply with Realignment, all California counties were legally required to establish a Community Corrections Partnership (CCP) comprised of representatives from all branches of the local criminal justice system. 

Santa Barbara County's CCP membership consists of:

  • The Chief Probation Officer – Chair

  • The Presiding Judge of the Superior Court or his/her designee

  • A County Supervisor or the Chief Administrative Officer (County Executive Officer) for the County or a designee of the Board of Supervisors

  • The District Attorney

  • The Public Defender

  • The Sheriff

  • A Chief of Police (as selected by the County Law Enforcement Chiefs [CLEC])

  • The head of the county department of social services

  • The head of the county department of mental health/alcohol and substance abuse programs (Department of Behavioral Wellness)

  • The head of the county department of employment (Director of the Workforce Development Board)

  • The head of the county office of education (Superintendent for the Santa Barbara County Education Office)

  • A representative from a community based organization with experience in successfully providing rehabilitative services to persons who have been convicted of a criminal offense

  • An individual who represents the interests of victims


The purpose of the CCP is to:

  • Advise the Chief Probation Officer regarding the Community Corrections Program pursuant to the Community Corrections Incentive Act [Penal Code Section 1230]

  • Recommend a local plan for the implementation of the 2011 Public Safety Realignment Act [Penal Code Section 1230.1(a)]


Community Corrections Partnership Workgroup

As required by statute, the annual Realignment Plan and recommended programs are to be consistent with local needs and resources as applied to the Realigned population.  To facilitate and strengthen the development of the County's annual plan, the CCP appointed a workgroup to identify and prepare recommendations.  The workgroup meets on a monthly basis, with voting membership inclusive of representation from the following agencies:


  • Santa Barbara County Executive Office

  • Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors, 2nd District Office

  • Santa Barbara County Department of Behavioral Wellness

  • Santa Barbara County District Attorney's Office

  • Santa Barbara County Public Defender's Office

  • Santa Barbara County Probation Department

  • Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office

  • Santa Barbara County Superior Court

  • Santa Barbara County Workforce Development Board

  • County Law Enforcement Chiefs


An opportunity for public comment is available at all workgroup meetings.