Parcel Creation History

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For the Parcel Validity Review Form and more information on Certificates of Compliance, please see the Forms/Policies/Regulations page.

The following files are not policies or regulations, but are provided as a guidelines for determining parcel validity for subdivisions of 4 or fewer parcels. They are by no means complete and the user assumes all risk from decisions made regarding the use of them. Our Division is providing this information as a way to make parcel determination easier but will assume no liability for the validity of the information or the use that arises from it. The final determination on parcel validity rests with the County of Santa Barbara. The issuance of a Certificate of Compliance is the "birth certificate" of a parcel in question and may be obtained by providing all the information necessary to determine it's legality. We are able to answer general inquiries about Certificates of Compliance but specific questions regarding your project require a legal determination that can only be answered by applying for a Certificate of Compliance.

Link Description Date Range Posted
state act exper.pdf ICON Timeline of California State Acts 1893—1970 11/20/2000
county ord.pdf ICON Timeline of Santa Barbara County Ordinances  1937—1972 01/29/2014
Timeline.pdf ICON How Four of Fewer Parcels Were Legally Created  1937—Present 6/1/2006