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Surveyor's Office Section 
The Office staff index and file all final maps, parcel maps, and records of surveys after recording and is also responsible for all jurisdictional and special district boundary mapping within the County. See the Downloads page for access to the current online inventory of recorded and filed maps. Direct Inquiries to the Surveyors Office on the second floor at 123 East Anapamu Street, Santa Barbara, CA. 93101 or by phone at (805)568-3020. See Contact Information 


Map & Document Reviews 

The Surveyor's Office Section is primarily responsible for checking the following listed items for compliance with State and local laws and ordinances:

  • Subdivision Maps
  • Records of Surveys
  • Lot Line Adjustments
  • Corner Records
  • Voluntary Mergers 
  • Certificates of Compliance

   Further Project Types reviewed
(See the Subdivision Map and Document Review Fee Schedule for a complete list)
• Agricultural Preserves
• Boundary Line Agreement, Chapter 21 A
• Certificate of Correction
• Condominium Map
• Final Map (Tract Map)
• Monument Inspection (Final Maps)
• Parcel Map
• Parcel Validity Review
• Record Map Modification
• Reversion to Acreage Map
• Road Name
• Road Right of Way Determination
• Tentative Final Map
• Tentative Lot Line Adjustment
• Tentative Parcel Map

Right of Way
Right of Way determination provides answers to and makes determinations about Right-of-Way and Easement ownership information for Santa Barbara County Public Works. 
(Request ROW research services Form)

Real Property
Real Property agents provide professional real estate services to meet the needs of the Public Works Department as well as the public.

Geographic Information Systems
The GIS Team is composed of a small staff that provides mapping support and spatial services to all the divisions within the Public Works Department. The team provide cost-saving solutions to various projects and initiatives that are geographic in nature and are tasked with the primary development of Enterprise Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

These are public examples of GIS applications for spatial indexing and record research:
Surveyor Information System|Flood Zone Lookup system|Special Districts Lookup System 



Date Last Updated: 04/14/2013

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