The County of Santa Barbara launched the Small Business and Community Partnership Enhancement Program (SBCPEP), a new voluntary program to allow businesses or other organizations to expand into adjacent outdoor areas in the unincorporated areas of the County to accommodate required social distancing protocols and safe practices. SBCPEP kicked off Phase 1, allowing extension into the usable public roadside or sidewalk areas.  Fees that would normally be required to apply for this benefit as well as lease payments will be waived during the COVID-19 event. Only businesses authorized to be open, under the Governor's Reopening Plan and County's RISE Guide, will be granted a permit. 

Here are the steps needed to apply for a No-Fee Encroachment Permit from the County of Santa Barbara Public Works Department for the use of the public road right-of-way.

  • Encroachment Permit Application—completed and signed the by the business owner
  • Site Plan—indicating proposed location of encroachment into the County Right-of-Way
  • Certificate of Insurance in the amount of $1 million naming the County of Santa Barbara as additional insured.


A pathway for ADA walking would need to be maintained of 48 inches minimum width through your site plan. Permitting from other agencies may be required.

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Download: SBCPEP flyer