In 2019, Santa Barbara County implemented a program to permit and regulate shared mobility devices (SMD) operations and their use in the County road right of way. SMDs include scooters, bikes and other vehicles.

  • Businesses interested in operating SMDs are required to apply for an annual encroachment permit (County Code Chapter 28, Article X, Section 28-125). The application includes a non-refundable $500 processing fee. Applications are due by July 1 for SMD deployment in the late-summer. The Public Works Department requires a cutoff date in order to provide an effective network of vehicles and to prevent oversaturation and clutter. Click here to download the encroachment permit.
  • Businesses must comply with permit conditions including maintaining a maximum number of scooters per zone and insurance requirements. Click here for the list of permit conditions for SMDs.
  • Click here for indemnification and insurance requirements
  • Click here for a list of SMD zones for road encroachment permits

For more information on road encroachment permits and the SMD program, call (805)568-4990 or email

For more information on alternative transportation, contact Mark Friedlander at (805)568-3576 or