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The following files are provided as guidelines and are included to provide suggestions on preparation of submittals to the County Surveyor's Office to make the process easier and more efficient for all involved. If you're surveying in Santa Barbara County, then this is the manual for you. It contains guidelines for submittal of every surveying document our Office handles. Included are suggestions on preparation of records of surveys to make the process easier for all. They are by no means complete, and the user assumes all risk from decisions made regarding the use of them. The County Surveyor is providing this information as a way to make the submittal process easier and more efficient, but will assume no liability for the validity of the information or the use that arises from it. Most documents are available in Adobe Reader (PDF) format.  


Link Description Date Action
PDF ICON Agreement for Payment of Processing Fee 
Financially Responsible Party Form (required for all fee based projects)
12/16/2007 Posted
PDF ICON Expedited Processing Authorization Form
Fast Track
01/21/2014 Updated
PDF ICON Agent Authorization Form 01/21/2014 Updated
PDF ICON Right-Of-Way Research Request Form
Application and Agreement for Right-Of-Way Research Services
05/26/2021  Updated

Corner Record Form
Acrobat .PDF Format - BPELSG 2016 Electronically Fillable online
(from Board of Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors, and Geologists)

Instructions  - BPELSG 2016

(from Board of Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors, and Geologists)




PDF ICON Parcel Validity Review Form 10/23/2013 Updated
CCapp.pdf ICON Certificate of Compliance Application 07/02/2014 Updated
PDF ICON Standard Statements and Certificates  
(Includes information for Records of Surveys, Lot Line Adjustments, Parcel Maps, Voluntary Mergers, Final Tract Maps, Certificates of Correction, and Recorded Map Modifications. Updated to assure the certificates and statements required are consistent with state and local regulations.)
05/03/2018  Updated


The following sections of the County Surveyor's desk procedures manual have been adopted by our office and the private sector conducting business in Santa Barbara County. Please give us a call at 805-568-3020 if you have any questions or suggestions on this information.

Link Description Date Action
PDF ICON Lot Line Adjustment  07/03/2018  Updated
PDF ICON Corner Records 05/23/2017 Updated
PDF ICON Guide to Preparation of Records of Survey and Corner Records 
County Engineers Association of California
07/30/2020  Updated

Record of Survey
Guide to Processing a Record of Survey 2010
(Adopted by the Record of Survey Process Improvement Committee in 2010)

Guide to Processing a Record of Survey 2018

(Updated in 2018 for changes of: the County Surveyor Name, PRC requirements related to CCS and Basis of Bearings)




PDF ICON Voluntary Merger 05/03/2018  Updated
PDF ICON Tract Maps and Parcel Maps 
Includes Information on Tentative and Final Maps
05/03/2018  Updated
PDF ICON Recorded Map Modification 03/13/2017 Updated
PDF ICON Certificate of Compliance 07/02/2014 Updated
PDF ICON LAFCO Requirements for Maps and Legal Descriptions 
County Surveyor and State Board of Equalization (SBE) standards for Map and legal descriptions
01/05/2005 Effective
PDF ICON Example Exhibit A - LAFCO Legal Description
Example of legal description in compliance with County Surveyor and State Board of Equalization (SBE) standards
01/05/2005 Effective
PDF ICON Example Exhibit B - LAFCO map
Example of map in compliance with County Surveyor and State Board of Equalization (SBE) standards
01/05/2005 Effective
PDF ICON SBE Updated Guidelines for Change of Jurisdictional Boundary
State Board of Equalization (SBE) Requirements for Statements, Geographic Descriptions, Maps and Fees
08/01/2005 Effective


This list is not comprehensive.

  County Subdivision Map and Document Review Fee Schedule 
• Ordinance No. 4746. See the  Fees page
  Santa Barbara County, California - Code of Ordinances
Link to, a website library of encacted Santa Barbara County Code Ordinances. Opens in a new window, pick from menu of chapters on the left. Includes Chapter 21, Chapter 21A, and Chapter 35

Historic Santa Barbara County, California - Code of Ordinances Archive
1883 – Present
Ordinances are laws adopted by the Board of Supervisors and generally amend, repeal, or supplement the County Code. Laws created by County Ordinance deal with a wide variety of County Government responsibilities and services including, but not limited to, public health and safety, public infrastructure, as well as zoning, housing and planning. This archive contains scanned copies of the original executed Ordinances as they were presented to the Board at the time of their adoption. All are in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.
  Santa Barbara County, California - Board of Supervisor Minutes Archive
BOS Minutes from 1850 - 1907 are now available to view in a digital format.
Includes 1874-1906 Road Books
From November 18, 1850 (the first day of the county's recorded history) to August 5, 1907, clerks' of the board handwrote the legislative history of the County as minutes in 16 hard-bound ledgers.
From September 3, 1907 to April 4, 1977, the BOS minutes were documented with a typewriter, spanning 199 similar hard-bound books.
After 1977, the Board of Supervisors' minute books were archived to microfilm.

Beginning in 2000 BOS minutes have been published online.

PDF ICON County of Santa Barbara Subdivision Regulations
Chapter 21 - Santa Barbara County Code. Planning & Development, Land Division

Downloadable PDF Republised by Planning & Developement in 1/2012

• Article I, Subdivisions (Includes Information on Tentative Maps, Final Maps, Tract Maps, Parcel Maps, Voluntary Mergers and Modifications to Recorded Maps)
• Article II, Flood Control
• Article III, Lot Line Adjustments
• Article IV, Park and Recreation Dedication and Fees
• Article V, Condominium Conversions
• Article VI, Orcutt Planning Area Development Impact Fees
• Article VII, Goleta Planning Area Development Impact Fees
• Appendix A, Table of Ordinances Amending Chapter 21
PDF ICON California Code of Regulations
Section 400, et seq., Title 16, Division 5. Board Rules and Regulations Relating to the Practices of Professional Engineering and Land Surveying
  California Business and Professions Code
PDF ICON • Section 6700, et seq., Professional Engineers' Act
PDF ICON Section 8700, et seq., Professional Land Surveyors' Act
  California Government Code
Section 27550 et seq., Government of Counties, Officers, Other Officers, Surveyor
Section 56000 et seq., Cortese-Knox-Hertzberg Local Government Reorganization Act of 2000
Section 66410 et seq., Subdivision Map Act
  California Public Resources Code
DIVISION 8. Surveying and Mapping [Section 8801-8902]
  CHAPTER 1. California Coordinate System [Section 8801-8819]  

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