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The County Surveyors Office is a Division within the Public Works Department and is responsible for maintaining accurate land records within the County for the citizens of Santa Barbara.

Our Division has been allocated 5 full-time positions and has six general areas of responsibility. They are:

  1. Checking and recording subdivision maps and documents;
  2. Providing survey related data to the general public; 
  3. Conducting field surveys for County projects; 
  4. Providing Right-of-Way information for the Department of Public Works;
  5. Providing and coordinating Geographic Information Systems (GIS) services and mapping for the Public Works Department;  
  6. Administration of various State and local programs;

The Surveyor's Office provides extensive surveying services for both office and field needs. The office is primarily responsible for reviewing subdivision maps, records of surveys, lot line adjustments, corner records, voluntary mergers, and certificates of compliance for compliance with State and local laws and ordinances. The Office staff provide Right-of-Way information to the Department of Public Works, and public access to recorded and filed maps. The Office staff index and file all final maps, parcel maps, and records of surveys after recording and is also responsible for all jurisdictional and special district boundary mapping within the County.

Field Survey Services provide topographic, boundary, and control surveys for County projects using the latest surveying equipment and computer software. Field Survey Services provides for the  responsible preparation of legal descriptions, maps, and records of surveys of County facilities and projects.

Our endeavors include working with sophisticated technology and the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Our GIS staff are tasked with taking department data that is geographic in nature and integrating that into various applications and products to achieve better efficiency in our operations. They provide mapping and spatial analysis services to the other divisions of the Public Works department, and other county departments as well.

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