Business, Personal and Special Property Assessments

The Business and Special Property Division is responsible for the discovery and assessment of all taxable business property, boats, aircraft, and other special properties within the County of Santa Barbara. 

Unlike real property, business property is appraised annually. All business owners must file a property statement each year detailing costs of all supplies, equipment and fixtures at each location. Business inventory is exempt from taxation. 

The California Constitution and the Revenue and Taxation Code state that all property is taxable, including business property, unless it is specifically exempt by law. Examples of taxable business property are: 

  • Building / Fixture / Land Improvements  
  • Office Furniture and Equipment 
  • Machinery and Equipment 
  • Supplies 
  • Tools 
  • Computer Hardware and Operating Systems
  • Leasehold Improvements 
  • Property Leased to Others 
  • Construction in Progress  

If you own taxable personal property whose required cost is $100,000 or more on January 1, or if the Assessor has requested a statement be filed, you are requested to file a Business Property Statement (BPS) by April 1st of each year detailing costs of all supplies, equipment, and fixtures, improvements, land improvements, and land as well as other information requested on the form at each location. If your completed property statement is received after 5:00 p.m. on May 7th, you will be subject to a late filing penalty.