Pesticide Use Reporting

Whenever a pesticide is applied in Santa Barbara County which requires an operator identification number or a restricted materials permit; or when a pesticide is applied by a licensed pest control business, a pesticide use report (PUR) must be submitted to our office. Pest control businesses are required to submit reports within 7 days of the completion of the application. Growers and others are required to submit reports by the 10 th day of the month following the month of use (e.g. for applications made during the month of January, pesticide use reports must be submitted by February 10 th). Pesticide use reports must be submitted online, via mail or may be dropped off at any of our office locations. Pesticide use reports submitted via fax will not be accepted.

 Paper Pesticide Use Reporting - Santa Barbara County does not currently require pesticide use reports (PURs) to be submitted online, however, we highly encourage it and offer IT support when necessary to assist online users. If you do not have access to a computer or internet service, you can pick up paper PURs, MSPURs and NOIs at our Santa Barbara or Santa Maria offices, or you can print them out here .

 Online Pesticide Use Reporting - In an effort to reduce paper pesticide use submissions, Santa Barbara County encourages industry to use the new California web-based (online) pesticide use reporting program, CalAgPermits . This program offers free services intended to simplify and streamline the pesticide reporting process. As a CalAgPermits web-user, you will be able to view information about your permit, review historical data related to your pesticide use reports, submit PURs and NOIs online directly to the Santa Barbara County Agricultural Commissioner's Office.

calagpermitsLogo   Please fill out this grower or pest control business form to request a Login ID for CalAgPermits.

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For assistance with using CalAgPermits, log in to your account and click on Training Videos or check out the User Guide. Napa County has also developed a series of YouTube Videos and handouts to help navigate CalAgPermits. If these resources do not provide the necessary information, contact your local office.

Santa Barbara County Pesticide Use - Downloadable Data