Client and Family Problem-Solving Tools

Clients have a number of options to use to resolve grievances.

Discuss your concerns with your case manager and try to resolve it without initiating a formal grievance process.  

  1. You have the right to file a grievance and submit it to Quality Care Management.  
  2. You may request a State Fair Hearing at any time.
  3. At any time you have the right to contact the Patients' Rights Advocate for assistance.
  4. You may complete a change‐of‐clinician form and submit it to Quality Care Management.
  5. You may ask for advice from a Peer Recovery Specialist.
  6. For more information, consult the Medi‐Cal beneficiary booklet, available in English and Spanish at any outpatient clinic and online. Flyers describing clients' rights are also posted at each clinic and available online.

Contact Information

A Peer Recovery Specialist can provide peer support, advice and linkage to resources. To contact a Peer Recovery Specialist in Santa Barbara, call Maureen, 681-5455; Santa Maria: Diana, 934-6581

To contact a Family Advocate in Santa Barbara, call the Mental Wellness Center, 884‐8440. To contact a Family Advocate in Santa Maria or Lompoc, call Transitions Mental Health Association, 540‐6501.