Frequently Asked Questions by Staff Members


The Santa Barbara Calle Real county campus is somewhat confusing.  Is there a map I could have?

Yes.  A Calle Real Campus map is here.

How do I find the telephone number of a county staff person?

A list of key Behavioral Wellness Department contacts is here. Instructions on how to find the telephone number of any county employee are here.

Where may I find information about county jobs?

Open this link:

How may I find a county health clinic near me?

Information about employee on-site health clinics is here:

Is there a concise way to explain how to obtain Behavioral Wellness services?

Yes.  See this page.

How do I sign up for classes at Employee University?

With your supervisor's approval, you may register for classes here:

How do I obtain Behavioral Wellness trainings?

Please consult the training overview  here and training calendar here.

How may I learn about new trainings?

Regularly check the Behavioral Wellness training calendar here

How do I reserve a county car?

County cars may be reserved online here:

Written instructions are here.

I've come across lot of jargon and acronyms I'm not familiar with.  Is there a glossary of terms?

Yes.  It is here

Where do I find common forms like mileage logs and travel requests?

See this page.

How do I initiate a contract?

Please see this document.

How do I create a signature block in email?

Instructions are here.

How do I report a workplace injury?

Please consult the Incident/Injury Flowchart and Injury Hotline Flyer.  

May I report a compliance concern anonymously?

Yes.  See this page for more information.

Are there manuals for ShareCare and Clinician's Gateway?

Links ShareCare and Clinician's Gateway manuals may be found in this page.

How do I request a service provider ID?

Use this form.

What is "systems change"?

Systems change is a process initiated by the Santa Barbara County Executive Office to address issues about Behavioral Wellness raised in a report by the TriWest consulting group released in May 2013.  More details are available here. The TriWest report is here.

May I report concerns about the Department anonymously?

Yes. You may report general concerns or comments anonymously using the feedback form here. For compliance issues, you may leave a message at 884-6855.

Your Benefits and Rights

Where may I find information about my benefits?

Besides medical insurance, does the county offer other benefits, like housing and child care?

Yes.  Visit for more information.

How do I contact my union?

Most permanent clinical and clerical staff in Behavioral Wellness are represented by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 620. There are currently two Shop Stewards in the department:

  • Sara Scofield: 805-681-5147

  • Alice Sealund: 805-266-8694

SEIU Local 620 has an office in two locations:  

  • Santa Barbara: 350 South Hope Ave #A103, 805-963-0601

  • Santa Maria: 114 Vine Street.

Is there a web site at which I may find civil service rules?


How do I find out about my retirement benefits?

How do I find my electronic time card?

Click on the round Windows logo on your desktop.  Then click on Financial Systems Menu. Click on Employee Time.  Details about how to code time are in the On the Job staff guide under "payroll," found here.

What is ESS?

ESS stands for Employee Self Service Plus.  It may be accessed here:  It contains your payroll history, W2 summary, retirement statement, etc.

What is the Employee Assistance Program?

The Employee Assistance Plan offers free and discounted benefits, including counseling services such as telephonic support, critical incident stress debriefings, legal counseling, financial counseling etc. General information is here: Log in here:

What is mediation, and is it available to me?

Mediation is a completely voluntary process you can request to help address problems in the workplace. A mediator is a highly trained, neutral individual from one of a number of county departments who will help open up communication.  A mediator assigned to assist you will not be an Behavioral Wellness employee, and nothing about mediation will be included in your personnel file.  A mediation brochure and request form are in the"On the Job" section of this page.