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Community Engagement

Santa Barbara County Elections participates in community events including local festivals and school functions.

Local Events

We have participated in many local events to encourage attendees to register to vote and to answer questions about the process. We have also conducted trainings and demonstrations on our accessible voting equipment.

Please visit our Event Photos page.

School Functions

We understand the importance of involving and informing students about the voting process. We have hosted a number of school tours at our facility to show the students what is involved in processing the ballots. Our Registrar of Voters, Joseph Holland, has also conducted mock elections at local schools and after-school programs.

We also encourage local high schools to participate in the High School Voter Educations Weeks the last two weeks in April and the last two weeks in September. In September 2017, we were invited to Santa Maria High School. Secretary of State Alex Padilla and Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson spoke to the students and encouraged them to pre-register to vote.

For students interested in participating in the process, we encourage them to apply for our Student Pollworker Program. Eligible students work at a polling place on Election Day and assist in processing voters. For more information on the Student Pollworker Program, please visit our Student Pollworker Program page.