Fictitious Business Name (FBN) Filing Information

Information on the Federal Coronavirus Relief Bill (CARES Act) for small business owners and and Fictitious Business Name processing times. 

Any person or entity who regularly transacts business, under a fictitious name, in the County of Santa Barbara is required to file a Fictitious Business Name Statement with the Clerk-Recorder within 40 days of first transacting business. The filing is for consumer protection and is a requirement under law ( B&P Code § 17900 ).

A Fictitious Business Name is a name that DOES NOT include the surname of an individual owner. If a corporation or LLC is not using the same name as registered with the California Secretary of State, then the name is fictitious ( B&P Code § 17900 ).

A Fictitious Business Name Statement is a public record and is open for public review. Be certain the information in the statement is correct and complete before filing it. Changes made to a filed statement will result in a new filing and may be subject to applicable fees. PLEASE NOTE: All information on a Fictitious Business Name Statement, including the residence address, will be published in a local, adjudicated newspaper.

After filing, you will receive three filed copies of the statement: one is for the newspaper, one is for the bank, and one is for your records. If you are renewing with no changes you will not receive a newspaper publication copy.

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How to File

You can file in person at either of our offices, appointments are not required. Our offices are open Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., excluding holidays. We do not close for the lunch hour. Please arrive no later than 4:00 p.m. when conducting your business; same day service is not guaranteed. Visit our Contact Us page for information on office locations and hours.

Please complete the FBN Statement/Renewal Form prior to waiting in line. Forms are also available in our lobbies.

Order Type Fee Type Fee
Filing Fee 1 business name and 1 registrant $47.00
Additional Business Name Additional fee per each additional business name $5.00
Additional Registrant Additional fee per each additional registrant $5.00

You may also mail in your FBN Application, additional fees will apply depending on the selected return method.

Return Method Fee Type Fee
First Class Mail Handling Fee Per Order $2.00
Returned USPS Express Mail Per Order $23.50
Express Mail handling fee – If customer provides a pre-paid express mail envelope Per Order $5.00

We do not accept USPS first class stamped, self-addressed envelopes as a return option.

Additional Business Names

You may have additional business names or variations on the same application if the entities are doing business at the same location. For additional business names, please use the Addendum

There is an additional $5.00 filing fee per additional business name at the time of the initial filing.

Address Requirements for the Business

Street address of principal place of business and county must be listed (corporations/limited liability companies must include address as set out in its articles of incorporation on file with the Secretary of State and the state of incorporation/organization).

All owners and their residence addresses must be listed.

State law requires a physical address for the place of business and EACH owner's place of residence.

For the residence address, use the street address, not a mailing address.

Corporation or Limited Liability Requirements

If you are filing as a Corporation or Limited Liability Company you must be registered with the California Secretary of State.

The address of the Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) must be the same as listed in the articles of organization on file with the California Secretary of State.

The registered owners of the fictitious business name must be the same name as the corporation or Limited Liability Company. The registered owners of a Limited Partnership must be the general partners. Do not list Limited Partners or the Limited Partnership as the registered owner.

The statement must have an ORIGINAL signature and it must be signed by a corporate officer ( B&P Code 17914 ) and their title (you can sign next to the facsimile). We do not accept member as an officer title. Generally, the following titles fall into the category of a corporate officer. Examples include, but are not limited to:

CEO (Chief Executive Officer), CFO (Chief Financial Officer), President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Managing Member, Officer or Manager

Publishing Requirements

Within 30 days after a fictitious business name statement has been filed with the County Clerk, the statement shall be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the county where the fictitious business name statement was filed. The newspaper selected for the publication of the statement should be one that circulates in the area where the business is to be conducted. The statement must be published once a week for four consecutive weeks with at least five days between each date of publication. An affidavit of publication shall be filed within 30 days after the completion of the publication. If a refilling is required because the prior statement has expired, the refilling need not be published unless there has been a change in the information required in the expired statement, provided the refilling is filed within 40 days of the date the statement expired ( B&P Code 17917 , Govt. Code 6064 ).
Publication Information