Apply for a Marriage License

Due to COVID-19, we are issuing marriage licenses by appointment ONLY through video conferencing on the web, during normal business hours Monday – Friday.  Please contact if you have an emergency or require special accommodations.

NOTE: You must have a wedding ceremony in order to be legally married

Reserve Your Appointment

Please note: we do not make reservations over the phone or check availability. Click the Marriage Appointment Request link below to see a calendar of current availability.

Appointments are available during normal business hours Monday through Friday only, excluding holidays.  Appointments may be booked up to 90 days in advance.

There is a non-refundable fee of $23.

Click the Marriage Appointment Request link below to open calendar showing current availability.  Select a date and time for your appointment and follow the steps to complete the online reservation form and authorize a credit card payment. The online reservation must be completed and fee must be paid within 24 hours.  After selecting a date, you will receive a confirmation email from Calendly; however, if the reservation process is not completed and paid within 24 hours, the appointment will be canceled. 

The License only appointments and the License and Ceremony are NOT interchangeable. If a couple books a License & Ceremony appointment and later wishes to cancel the ceremony portion, they will have to forfeit their appointment time and will need to reschedule as a license only appointment using the online calendar system. Please be aware that there are significant wait times for appointments.

Couples may only book one appointment on the calendar. If we see multiple appointments for the same couple, all appointments will be canceled. We are unable to meet the current demand and customers should expect higher than usual wait times for appointments.  If you need to change your appointment, please use the reschedule feature provided at the bottom of your confirmation email from Calendly and do not submit a new appointment request. 

Marriage Appointment Request – ZOOM Web Service

Zoom Web Services Appointments: ZOOM links will be sent ONE week (7 days) prior to the appointment.  

Web Services - Marriage License AND Marriage Ceremony Package 

On 4/30/2020, Governor Newsom announced that he will allow marriage license issuance and marriage ceremonies, at the discretion of the county clerk, through video conference.  Click Here to view EXECUTIVE ORDER N-58-20.  On June 30, 2020, Executive Order N-58-20 was extended until the Executive Order is modified or rescinded, or until the State of Emergency is terminated, whichever occurs sooner.  Click Here to view EXECUTIVE ORDER N-71-20.

Currently, the County of Santa Barbara Clerk-Recorder will continue to offer this service as a package for couples that want to obtain a marriage license AND have a marriage ceremony performed by our office, without having to come to the office.  As an added convenience, the license will be recorded without delay, after the ceremony is performed, and copies may be purchased immediately after the recording, provided a  completed, signed and acknowledged (notarized) Marriage Certificate Copy Order Application and proper payment is received by our office. Copies will be mailed.  When completing a Marriage Appointment Request on our website, select the option "Zoom – Web License & Ceremony Appointment".  Parties will still be required to show valid Government ID and comply with all regulations set out in EXECUTIVE ORDER N-58-20. 

IMPORTANT: Both parties to the marriage must be in California AND at the same physical location at the time of the appointment. 

For more information, you may contact our office at 805-568-2250.  

Congratulations on your engagement!

We are happy to assist you through the marriage license process.

Marriage licenses are issued by the County Clerk-Recorder's Office and must be purchased before your wedding ceremony. 

Please review the Marriage License Requirements and Name Change Information before submitting an application. Please note, the time at which you purchase your license will be your only opportunity to change your middle and/or last names through the marriage license process.

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