How to Search Real Estate Record Documents

Our online indexes contain information on documents recorded since 1931.  Document images are only available at our offices on our lobby kiosks.

The Recorder's Office maintains Real Estate documents recorded in Santa Barbara County from 1850 to present. The staff of the recorder's office is not authorized to conduct searches for the public. If you do not have the recorded document information, you may look it up using the Real Estate Records Index on this site or you may come into either our Santa Barbara or Santa Maria office and use our lobby computers where you may view the image.

Once you've accessed the Real Estate Records Index (Official Records Search), search by the name of the party(ies), document title, or document number: The documents are indexed under the name of the property owner. Please leave name type and document title blank for a more inclusive search. Be sure to enter a time frame using the date parameters. Visit our Available Real Estate Records page for more information about our historical indexes.

To purchase a copy of a document recorded after 1975, you may place your order and authorize a credit card payment from the Real Estate Records Index (Official Records Search).  Regular copies will be emailed to you and certified copies will be returned by mail.  To pay with a check or money order complete a Copy Order form and list the document number for each document requested 

To purchase a copy of a document recorded prior to 1975 you will need to complete a Copy Order form and list the  book and page number for each document requested.

Visit our copy order page for order forms and fees.