Legislative Meeting Agendas 2021

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Meeting Item


July 12, 2021  AI00 071221 LPC AgendaAI01 Minutes from 6-7-21AI02 SB Update 7-7-21AI02A.1 Invest in America - Santa Barbara County 6-21AI02A.2 FY 2022 Interior - Santa Barbara County - Carbajal 6-21AI02A.3 FY 2022 THUD - Santa Barbara - Carbajal 7-8-21AI03 CSB Status Update June 2021AI03A.1 CSB Letter - AB 538 Support -S APPRAI03A.2 CSB SB 743 Support - A Housing_AI03A.3 CSB Letter - AB 843 Support - S. EnergyAI03A.4 SB 335 (Cortese) -Coalition Oppose - Asm Ins 6.14.21AI03A.5 CSB Letter - IHSS Penalty OPPOSE AdministrationAI03A.6 CSB Letter - SB 612 SupportAI03A.7 CSB Letter - SB 47 Support - A NR 
June 7, 2021  AI00 060721 LPC AgendaAI02 Minutes from 5-3-21AI03 SB Update 6-2-21AI03A.1 Harbor Support - Padilla - Santa Barbara 5-21AI03A.2 HBP Restoration - Santa Barbara - Carbajal 5-21AI03A.3 Wildfire Prevention - Santa Barbara - Feinstein 6-2-21AI04 CSB Status Update May 2021AI04A.1 CSB Carpinteria Letters - Pipeline RequestAI04A.2 CSB Letter - CSAC Transportation Funding RequestAI04A.3 CSB Letter - SB 743 SupportAI04A.4 CSB Letter - Broadband SupportAI04A.5 PAS Funding - Sign on Letter - May 2021AI04A.6 MOSES Support Letter - SBCAI04A.7 SB County CJ FeesAI04A.8 Sign-on letter - Infra. and forest restoration - Senate - FINALAI04A.9 CSB Letter - SB 47 Support
May 3, 2021 AI00 050321 LPC AgendaAI02 draft minutes from 040521AI03 SB Update 4-26-21AI03A.1 Community Funding ProjectsAI03A.2 Transportation ProjectsAI04 CSB Status Update April 2021AI04A.1 CSB Support Letter - AB 821AI04A.2 CSB letter SB 712 supportAI04A.3 CSB Letter - AB 538 Support - A-JobsAI04A.4 CSB Letter - SB 493 OpposeAI05  Bill Text - SB-765 Planning and zoning_ housingAI05A.1 SB 765 Memo 
April 5, 2021  AI00 040521 LPC AgendaAI01 minutes from 030121AI02 SB Update 3-29-21AI02A.1 Santa Barbara County Pandemieinstein 3-2-21AI02A.2 VAWA Reauthorization - Feinstein - Santa Barbara 3-21AI03 CSB Status Update March 2021AI03A.1 CSB Letter - AB 843 SupportAI03A.2 CSB Letter - Child Support RequestAI04 Minute Order and Letter of Support for SB 467 (Fracking) 
March 1, 2021  AI00 030121 LPC AgendaAI02 Minutes from 2-1-21AI03 SB Update 2-22-21AI03A_1 Feinstein Homeless Assistance - Santa Barbara 2-11-21AI03A_2 Feinstein Housing Redevelopment - Santa Barbara 2-11-21AI03A_3 OCS Protection - Clean Coast Act - Carbajal 2-11-21AI03A_4 Relaunching America"s Workforce Act - Feinstein - Santa Barbara 2-21AI03A_5 Santa Barbara County Pandemic Rescue - Padilla 2-4-21AI03A_6 Central Coast Heritage Protections ActAI03A_7 Transportation Electrification Partnership Stimulus - Padilla - Santa Barbara 2-21AI03A_8 Immigration Reform - Carbajal - Santa Barbara 2-21AI04 CSB Status Update February 2021AI04A_1 CSB Letter - 340B Feb 2021AI04A_2 CSB Letter - AB 32 Support 2-10 (002)AI04A_3 CSB Letter - Coroners Budget RequestAI04A_4 CSB Letter - IHHS 2-4-21AI04A_5 CSB Letter - SB 74 SupportAI04A_6 CSB Letter - Criminal Fees Backfill 2-9AI05A_1 Fact Sheet - SB 467 (End Fracking and Dangerous Drilling)AI06A_1 County of SB Critical Project Funding Needs for 2021-22 (Senator Limon)AI06A_2 County of SB Current Top Priority Legislative Goals 
February 1, 2021 AI00 020121 LPC AgendaAI01 120720 LPC Agenda  minutesAI02 SB Update 1-25-21AI03 CSB Status Update January 2021AI03A.1 CSB Wildfire Budget Request1