Isla Vista Built-Right Housing Incentive Program

Print a pdf verson of the Isla Vista Built-Right Housing Incentive Program. The Isla Vista Built-Right Housing Incentive Program is intended to encourage developers to:

  • Assemble sites; and
  • Utilize green building techniques; and
  • Build public infrastructure.

Eligibility and Processing

  • Projects must be in the Isla Vista Incentive Area; and
  • Obtain a Development Agreement, and
  • Except for obtaining additional density based on the lot consolidation criteria, all of the other density incentives require satisfaction of State Density Bonus Program (Gov. Code 65915); and
  • In no case can participation in the Incentive Program cause a project's density to exceed the density allowed in the Coastal Land Use Plan.

Program Criteria

(Incentives are additive w/ State Density Bonus Program Incentives)

Lot Consolidation
Goal: Encourage separate adjacent parcels to be combined for purposes of development and encourage redevelopment of larger lots in the community.
Multi Residential Zones
Projects sites > 0.75 – 1.0 ac
Up to 10%
Projects sites > 1.01 ac
Up to 20%
Mixed Use Zones
Projects sites > 0.5 – 0.75 ac
Up to 10%
Projects sites > 0.76
Up to 20%
Green Building 
Goal: Encourage the use of energy efficient and green building practices. (i.e. Solar energy, low VOC interior finishes, water conservation, etc.)
Participation in the County's free Innovative Building Review Program (IBRP)
IBRP Target 1 plus Construction Waste Management Plan
Up to 5%
IBRP Target 2
Up to 10%
IBRP Target 3
Up to 15%
Community Infrastructure
Goal: Encourage construction of needed community infrastructure in the Isla Vista Planning Area.  Infrastructure projects can include, but are not limited to: sidewalks, street trees, transit improvements, etc.
Projects leading to the development and improvement of community infrastructure.
Up to 10 additional units may be awarded to a project that provides additional benefits to the community through community infrastructure improvements.
All projects in Isla Vista are allowed to participate in the State's Affordable Housing Bonus Density Program, provided such projects meet eligibility requirements.  However, only projects within the Isla Vista Incentive Area, which meet the Incentive Program criteria, are eligible to receive additional bonus units beyond those allowed by the State Density Bonus program. A zoning map with the Incentive Area outlined is displayed here.
The incentives identified in this policy are in addition to those under the State Density Bonus program.  The incentives identified in this policy can be additive, provided the total amount of the incentive does not result in a land use density higher than specified in the Coastal Land Use Plan.  Each incentive is calculated from a project's base density, not the density after the application of State Density Bonus.  This policy serves as a guideline. The Board of Supervisors retains all authority to grant, deny, or modify the terms of any development agreement.
The following types of projects may be funded in order to meet the Community Infrastructure criteria, at the discretion of the Board of Supervisors:
  • Public catalyst project identified in the IVMP; and
  • Infrastructure projects identified in the "Phasing of High Priority Projects" table in Chapter 5, page 5-7 of the Isla Vista Master Plan; and
  • Any project identified in an adopted Capital Improvement Program for a local public entity, provided the project is located within the Isla Vista Planning Area, or that the project provides a direct benefit to the Planning Area.