Isla Vista Master Plan

Final Environmental Impact Report

Rendering, Isla Vista

The County prepared the Isla Vista Master Plan (IVMP) to guide development in the unincorporated community of Isla Vista. This environmental impact report (EIR) discusses the potential environmental consequences associated with the implementation of the IVMP in Isla Vista.

Volume I

Summary of the Proposed Final Environmental Impact Report
Memorandum - Revisions to the Proposed Final EIR for the Isla Vista Master Plan
Cover, Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Executive Summary Impact Table
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Project Description
Chapter 3: Environmental Issues

3.1: Land Use, Population and Housing
3.2: Aesthetics/Visual Resources 
3.3: Agricultural Resources 
3.4: Air Quality 
3.5: Biological Resources 
3.6: Cultural-Historic Resources 
3.7: Geologic Hazard 
3.8: Hazards and Hazardous Materials 
3.9: Hydrology & Water Quality 
3.10: Noise 
3.11: Parks, Open Space and Recreation
3.12: Public Services 
3.13: Traffic and Circulation

Chapter 4: Catalyst Projects 

4.1: Affordable Housing Sites
4.2: Downtown Isla Vista
4.3: Downtown Parking Structure
4.4: Isla Vista Community Center
4.5: Downtown Park Improvements
4.6: Pardall Road Streetscape Improvements
4.7: Sueno Bicycle Boulevard

Chapter 5: Consistency with Locally Adopted Plans & Policies
Chapter 6: Alternatives
Chapter 7: Other CEQA Concerns
Chapter 8: Acronyms
Chapter 9: List Of EIR Preparers
Chapter 10: References
Chapter 11: Organizations And Persons Contacted

 Volume II

Response to Comments
Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program