Outreach/Community Development

The Department of Child Support Services has an extensive outreach program available to educators, service agencies and the community at large.

Teenage/Pre-Teen Program

Outlines the financial ramifications of teenage pregnancy by engaging students in an interactive dialogue regarding the issue of child support. This program is ideal for Circle childrenschools, correctional facilities, community groups and/or any other agencies whose primary clientele consists of Santa Barbara County's youth.

Paternity Education/Fatherhood Program

Explains the child support process and emphasizes the benefits of establishing paternity. This presentation is ideal for men's organizations, including transitional living centers, support groups, correctional facilities and/or any other agencies serving men/fathers.

General Services Program

Explains the child support process, and describes services available to either parent or the custodial party, as well as mechanisms of enforcement. This presentation is geared towards women's groups or community organizations whose clientele includes parents or guardians of children.

And many more!

Presentations may be designed to accommodate your organization's special needs, and their content can be modified to best suit your client base, employees, students, etc. If you are interested, please send an email to childsupport@co.santa-barbara.ca.us with attention outreach in the subject line.