Consumer Mediation


The District Attorney has an all-volunteer Consumer Mediation Unit.

Mediation services are totally voluntary between the parties. We cannot compel a resolution or enforce settlements that are mediated. However, we hope to provide a service to the community in a way that may settle matters that may otherwise remain unresolved.


Q. What type of complaints are handled by Consumer Mediation.....


  • TELEMARKETING complaint now top the list....
  • RETAIL SALES and CONSUMER SERVICE problems have been constantly near the top....
  • AUTOMOBILE REPAIRS, one the leader, has now dropped....
  • HOME IMPROVEMENT problems, once the highest complaint category, is now fourth with FINANCIAL SERVICE complaints very close...


If you would like to submit a complaint for mediation, you may download the consumer complaint form.

Contact Information


Santa Barbara
1112 Santa Barbara Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Tel: (805) 568-2300


Santa Maria
312-D East Cook Street
Santa Maria, CA 93454
Tel: (805) 346-7540

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