Grandparent Scam


SCAM ALERT!!  Beware of Grandparent Scams during the Holidays!


The holidays are here, and so, unfortunately are various versions of the “grandparent scam”.


Here’s how the scam works: 


A scammer will call and say, “Grandma/grandpa, it’s me, and I’m in trouble!”  The trouble might be an auto accident, being stopped by police in a foreign country, or needing money to get out of jail.  If you divulge information such as the name of your grandchild, the scammer will say that he or she needs money to bail out of jail, pay for the car repair, or get out of the foreign country.   Another person will get on the phone claiming to be the grandchild’s “attorney”.  He will tell you that you need to hurry and wire the money by a certain deadline.  After you send the money, you will find out that your grandchild is safe and sound, and did not make this call. 


Here’s how you prevent a “grandparent scam”:


  • Don’t divulge any personal information to the caller such as the name of your grandchild.  If they say they are your grandchild, ask, “Which one?”  Because so much information is on the internet, the scammer may know your grandchild’s name, so don’t be fooled. 
  • Confirm the real grandchild’s location, by calling their parents, or by dialing the number you have for that grandchild.
  • Don’t send money, unless you are certain you are talking to someone you know. 




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