What is Human Trafficking:


Human trafficking is a modern form of slavery whose victims include not only the sexually exploited, but also those who are forced to provide labor by means of force, fraud or coercion. California is ranked as one of the top four U.S. human trafficking destinations. Our central coast has been identified as a natural transit corridor for trafficking activity between major metropolitan areas to the south and north. Santa Barbara County, a tourist attraction with conference venues, a transitory population, and migrant labor makes it vulnerable to trafficking activity as well. It is estimated that 55% of forced labor victims and 98% of sexually exploited victims of human trafficking are young girls and women. These victims are stripped of their freedom and are frequently isolated and without social and family support. They are unsure of where to turn for assistance, and are often too intimidated to ask for help.


In response to this alarming trend The Santa Barbara County District Attorney’s Office has formed a Human Trafficking Task Force to assess the scope of the problem locally, offer access to training opportunities, develop protocols and improve law enforcement and victim service response. The task force is comprised of state, and federal law enforcement agencies, as well as non‐profit and faith-based organizations. Together we are dedicated to a victim-centered approach to combat the commercial sexual exploitation and labor trafficking of human beings.


For further information regarding Human Trafficking, Legislative strategies to combat trafficking, and Trafficking resources and assistance please refer to the following links:


California Attorney General’s Website : 



Polaris Project:



California Legislative Response:



SB 1193 & Civil Code Section 52.6 - Posting of Public Notices Regarding Slavery and Human Trafficking:


In conjunction with our faith based partners, the Santa Barbara District Attorney’s Office convened a group of volunteers to distribute notices in accordance with Senate Bill 1193.  Senate Bill 1193 required specified businesses and other establishments to post notices related to slavery and human trafficking, including information related to nonprofit organizations that provide services in support of the elimination of slavery and human trafficking.   While certain businesses and establishments must post the notices, we encourage even non-mandated locations to post.


For more information and a list of businesses required to post notices:



SB1193 Materials:


Notification Letter to Businesses

Frequently Asked Questions


Santa Barbara District Attorney’s SB1193 Notices:


For English and Spanish*;  SB1193 santa barbara 11x17

For English or Spanish*; SB1193 santa barbara 8x11

(Mandated locations must post in English and Spanish)


*These SB 1193 notices were designed by the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office. To learn more about their anti-human trafficking efforts, go to www.heat-watch.org.


Links to California Attorney General’s Human Trafficking Model SB1193 Notices:








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