Local Vendor Outreach

In an effort to promote local economic vitality & sustainability, the County of Santa Barbara supports Local Vendors through our Outreach Program. The goal of the Program is to spend 60% of our discretionary revenue with Local Vendors.

How is this accomplished

  1. We educate local vendors on how they can participate & compete for the multitude of items that we purchase.
  2. We actively target local vendors with our requirements.
  3. We aggressively promote local vendor participation by applying a very favorable 6% Local Vendor Preference on tangible items that are competitively bid.

Does the Program work?

Yes. In fact, we exceeded the established goal last year and spent approximately 100 million dollars locally. This money supports local businesses and contributes towards overall local economic vitality. It's a win-win arrangement for both the County & our Local Vendors.

Who is considered a Local Vendor

A vendor is considered "Local" if they meet the following basic criteria:

  1. They occupy an actual business facility whose address is within the County.
  2. They hold a valid business license as issued within the County and the address matches that of their local facility.
  3. They hold a valid resale license (where sales tax will be applied to the purchase) as issued from the State Franchise Tax Board and the address matches that of their local facility.
  4. They staff their local facility with employees during normal business hours, they have standard business utility services and the office is fully operational.

If you have any questions regarding your eligibility, please contact the County Purchasing Office.

How you can participate

If you are a Local Vendor, you automatically qualify. Simply contact the County Purchasing Office to register as a Vendor and expand your opportunities in competing for the County's business. You can also attend one of our annual Local Vendor Outreach Workshops and communicate directly with the Purchasing Staff.