New Employee


A regular civil service employee working 20 or more hours per weeks is eligible for the benefits outlined in this overview. Your coverage for health and dental benefits will be effective on the first of the month following your first pay period worked prior to the first of the following month.

Extra-Help/Contractors on Payroll who have currently enrolled in the County's health insurance can only make health insurance changes during Open Enrollment.


  • Current legal spouse or registered domestic partner (same or opposite gender).
  • Children (including your domestic partner's children):
    • Must be under the age of 26 and not be eligible for medical coverage through his or her employer. They do not have to live with you or be enrolled in school. They can be married and/or living and working on their own.
    • Eligible children include natural children, stepchildren, legally-adopted children, or children who have been placed in your custody during the adoption process, and physically or mentally handicapped children who depend on you for support, regardless of age.
    • A child of a covered domestic partner who satisfies the same conditions as listed above for natural children, stepchildren, or adopted children, and in addition is not a "qualifying child" (as defined in the Internal Revenue Code) of another individual.


  • Former spouse/registered domestic partner even if you are court ordered to provide the ex-spouse/former domestic partner with health coverage
  • Children age 26 or older
  • Children of former spouse or former registered domestic partners
  • Disabled children over age 26 who were not enrolled prior to age 26
  • Relatives such as grandchildren, grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, etc.
  • Foster children
  • Live-in boyfriend/girlfriend and his/her children


Proof of Dependent Eligibility required: If you're adding any dependents currently not on County benefit plans (spouse, registered domestic partner and/or dependent children), the County of Santa Barbara requires that you verify their eligibility.

Proof of dependent eligibility will require direct submission to SisCo. The County has partnered with SisCo, an affiliate of Benefit Coordinators Corporation to assist us in the verification of the dependent spouse and/or children you have requested to be enrolled in the plan(s). Submission of documents directly to SisCo can be faxed to (563) 587-6721 or mailed (takes 7-10 days) to: SisCo Benefits 800 Main Street, PO Box 389, Dubuque, IA 52004-0389. If you have questions contact a SisCo representative at (800) 457-4726 ext 5076.

*You will find a list of acceptable documentation you can provide to verify that your dependents meet the County's eligibility requirements by clicking here .

Declaration of Disability for Over Age Dependent Child Form

Transition of Care Request Form

BenXCel Training Video:  A helpful guide before you sign up.

*If you have difficulty playing them in Explorer, you may have to cut and paste in Chrome. 

  • New Hire Enrollment Tutorial Video


To enroll in benefit plans please visit: (link is

  • User Name: First two characters of your first name and first two characters of your last name, last four of SSN  ex:  amro1234
  • Password:  Entire date of birth with no spaces  ex: 01091975
  • Company: COSB  

If are having systems issues, you can call BCC at 1-800-685-6100 for assistance.