Definitions of Diversity and Inclusion

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For the purpose of consistency, we have outlined a number of key definitions that are helpful in understanding the County's vision for Diversity and Inclusion. These terms will be used throughout this page and also in outgoing communication about future initiatives. Knowing their meaning as it relates to our efforts of providing equal opportunity to all employees will be beneficial in understanding future goals.

  • Diversity is the inclusion of various perspectives and views possessed by individuals from a range of different socio-economic, racial, and ethnic backgrounds, as well as different genders, sexual orientations, ages, religions, military status, levels of education, generations, disabilities, and points of views.
  • Inclusion is the creation of a work environment that is accepting of all these different groups and individuals. An inclusive work environment is one that promotes belongingness equally and equitably, regardless of one's background.
  • Belonging is being able to share your authentic views and having your voice be heard.
  • Equitability is the key to impartial and fair access to opportunities regardless of the disadvantages and berries others may be subjected to due to their diverse background.


  • Community: The social inclusion that involves the physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and mental wellness of life. This pillar would manifest through the celebration of important events, traditions, cultural milestones, and religious celebrations.
  • Contemplation & Reflection: The learning expansion of our understanding of beliefs, traditions, and holidays founded different religions both Western and Eastern. The goal of this pillar is to enhance our understanding of the various spiritual needs.
  • Connection: The emotional inclusion that goes beyond being physically present. This pillar promotes not only the involvement but also the participation in such celebrations.
  • Contribution: The intellectual and physical inclusion of being involved in initiatives, events, and celebrations that affect others. This pillar manifests itself through employees becoming involved in the community, or non-profit driven events, volunteering and creating our campaigns.