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Where can I find information about the Cachuma Lake Nature Cruises? How do I make or cancel a nature cruise reservation?
Please visit our Nature Cruise web page for information and schedules. To make or cancel a reservation Monday to Friday 9:00AM to 3:00PM, please call (805) 568-2460. After 3:00PM on Fridays and on Weekends, please call (805) 686-5055.

Are boats and kayaks available for rental?
Yes. Please visit our Boating page on our website for regulations and boat rentals.

What hiking trails are at Cachuma Lake?
Cachuma Lake has 5 hiking trails: Oak Canyon Trail, Mohawk Loop, Tequepis Trail, and Mohawk Area. All hiking trails except for Tequepis Trail are directly accessible from the recreation area.

How do I apply for a trailer storage at Cachuma Lake?
Please call us at (805)686-5051 for availability and pricing.

Where is the nearest gas station, convenience store, or restaurant?
The General Store at Cachuma Lake provides groceries, camping equipment, gasoline, and propane. At Jalama Beach, the Jalama Beach Store and Grill are located at the park. The closest gas station to Jalama Beach is in the city of Lompoc, 18 miles northwest.

Do you sell fishing licenses?
Yes. Please visit our Fishing page on our website for more information.

Are campfires allowed at the camping sites?
Yes. Campfires are permitted in established firepits and approved containers. Open ground fires are not allowed.

Are there showers at the camping sites?
Yes. It is $1.00 for 3 minutes of hot water. Most restrooms have showers. Please view the campground map for specific locations. There also is a private handicap shower available. Please call the front gate, and the park ranger will assist you.

Which sites are ADA/wheelchair accessible?
At Cachuma Lake: site 5, 212, 214, 298, 319, 351, 438, 440, Hawk & Merlin cabins, and Redwood yurt. At Jalama Beach: Cormorant cabin.

Am I allowed to swim in the lake?
No. Cachuma Lake is a domestic water supply, and swimming, water-skiing, windsurfing or any other body contact with the water is strictly prohibited.

Which sites have access to electricity?
All hook-up sites have electricity. All yurts and cabins have electrical plug-ins/outlets.

Are there grills or fire pits at the campsites?
There are fire pits available at all sites except in the full hookup sites (sites 1 to 121) at Cachuma Lake. You may bring your own grills (allowed in all sites except Cachuma 1 to 121.

Is there a fee to use the swimming pool at Cachuma Lake?
Yes. Fees are $3.00 per swimmer per session. There are two sessions: 12:00PM to 2:30PM & 3:00PM to 5:30PM.
Can I leave before my check-out time?
Yes. However, no refunds will be given for early departures.

Can I stay past my check-out time?
Late check-outs will not be accommodated for any site types. A penalty fee may be charged for visitors who stay past the check-out time.

I have a reservation for a tent or hookup site but will be arriving late. Will the office be open for me to check in?
If the office is closed when you arrive, you may go ahead and set up camp in your reserved site. However, please be courteous to others and remain quiet when setting up. Please check in at the Ranger Gate in the morning.

Can I check in early before 3:00PM on the day of my reservation?
At Cachuma Lake, you may ONLY check in before 3:00PM if you have a reservation and the site was not occupied the prior day. Due to high occupancy at Jalama Beach, there is no early check-in. Because of the limited parking space in the day-use area, parking for early campers with RVs and trailers may not be available prior to the 3:00PM check-in time.

I have a reservation for a cabin or yurt but will be arriving late. Will the office be open for me to pick up a key?
If you plan to arrive after 4:00PM, please call the front gate ahead of time to arrange for late key pick-up. Cachuma (805) 686-5055 or Jalama (805) 736-3504.
What are the fees for the group sites?
Each group area is different in size and fees. The fees and sizes are stated in each description.

Do I have to pay the entire fee when I book my reservation?
Payment for both the reservation fee and the site fee are due at the time of the reservation.

Which group sites have electricity?
Starfish Cove at Jalama, Lanford Memorial Grove, Apache Pines, Apache Sunrise and El Dorado Vista have electricity at Cachuma.

What amenities do the group camping sites provide?
All group areas have a large adjustable barbecue pit, a campfire ring and picnic tables under shade trees.
What is the maximum number of people allowed in a campsite?
Tent and hookup sites have a maximum of 8 people. For cabins, yurts and group camping, please refer to the specific site page for maximum occupancy.

Can more people join my campsite/yurt/cabin if it will exceed the maximum limit?
Please do not exceed the maximum occupancy in your site. The occupancy is strictly enforced.
Am I allowed to bring my pet? What are the regulations for bringing pets?
Pets are welcome! The pet fee is $3.00 per pet, per night. The pet fee for cabins is $20.00 per pet, per night with a maximum of 2 . Please provide a proof of rabies vaccination and note the maximum number of 2 pets. Pets must be leashed at all times, but there is an off-leash park available at Cachuma Lake. Please note that pets are not allowed at some cabins.
When is the last day I can request a modification/cancellation of my reservation?
3 business days prior to arrival day in order to receive a refund, less a cancellation fee and any reservation fees. All fees paid will be forfeited if a reservation is cancelled less than 3 business days prior to reservation/check-in date.

I did not receive a reservation confirmation letter. Can you resend me an email confirmation?
Please visit our Modification Request page and fill out a form. Make sure to include your reservation number, email address, phone number, and the name on the reservation for a faster response.

How do I make a camping reservation?
Please visit our Online Reservations site.

How far in advance can I make a camping reservation?
Camping reservations can be made up to 6 months in advance.

Is there a minimum number of nights required for a camping reservation?
There is a two-night minumum stay required for weekends (Friday or Saturday). One-night stays are allowed Sunday through Thursday. There is a three-night minimum stay required for holiday weekends.

Can I book a single night only if a Friday or Saturday is available between two adjacent reservations?
If our availability calendar shows an opening for a single night on a Friday or Saturday, please call (805) 568-2460 to make this reservation.

How do I check which sites are available?
You can search availability by entering desired date(s), park and site type in the online reservation system.

How do I find the next available vacancy for a specific site?
In the online reservation system, click on the desired site icon on the interactive map and it will display a calendar of available dates.
What types of hookups are available at the campsites?
At Cachuma, Full hookup = Water, Electricity & Sewer and Partial hookup = Water & Electricity. At Jalama, Electricity only and public Water & Sewer station.

Are there any 50 amp hookup sites?
Only at Cachuma sites 11, 34, 59, 60, 62, 64, 81, 89, 150, 151, 154, 155, 156, & 157.

Can I have a tent in my hookup site?
At Cachuma Lake, you can have a tent in perimeter hookup sites: 1-6, 8, 12-34 even only, 62-72 even only, 81-121 odd only. Tents are also allowed in hookup sites 125-159. At Jalama, tents are allowed in hookup sites within the site's perimeters.

How many tents can I have within my site?
There is no restriction on the number of tents for sites that allow them. However, you must stay within the perimeters of your campsite and must not exceed the occupancy limits for each campsite. Tents are not permitted next to cabins or yurts.

How do I know if my site is shaded?
Your site description will state full shade, partial shade or none.
Is a trailer considered one vehicle?
Yes. For example, a truck pulling a trailer is considered one vehicle.

Are non-motorized trailers (towed-in) considered a second vehicle?
Non-motorized trailers are not considered separate vehicles and will not incur any additional charges.

Am I allowed to bring an additional vehicle?
Yes, each site is allowed one additional vehicle and will be charged a $10 joiner fee per night. If you have more than two vehicles, or exceed the maximum number of vehicles in a group site, there is an Over-Flow Parking Lot at Cachuma. There is no Over-Flow Parking at Jalama. The maximum number of vehicles is strictly enforced.

Will my truck / trailer / RV fit at the site?
The size limitations vary at different sites. Please make your reservations accordingly.

Is a motorcycle considered one vehicle?
What is a walk-in site? How do I get a walk-in site?
Jalama Beach offers sixteen walk-in sites (nine basic and seven partial hook-up) that are first-come, first-served. These sites may not be reserved online, through the Call Center, or through the Jalama Gate. During the peak season, holiday weekends, and other busy times, walk-in sites will be assigned with a wait list. Gate staff will create a wait list for camp-call as early as 8:00AM when the gate opens. Customers must be present in the park to add their name to the list each day, and names will not be transferred to the next day's wait list. At 1:00PM staff will know how many sites are available for new campers to register in to. Please do not call the gate before 1:00PM. Due to the large volume of calls, any messages left may not be returned until the following day. Staff will announce the available sites at 3:00PM to those persons on the wait list in order. You must be present at the camp call to get a site. As with all reservations, the person whose name appears on the list must be the same person registering and checking in to the site. Once a walk-in site is sold, it must be occupied by a tent, trailer and/or vehicle. Generally, walk-in site availability is greater earlier in the week, and any customer with a reservation will not be allowed to transfer to a walk-in site.

How early should I arrive for a walk-in site?
Walk-in sites are first-come first served and are NOT guaranteed. There is no standard arrival time, but the gate at Cachuma Lake opens at 7:00AM. The gate at Jalama Beach opens at 8:00AM.

How can I find out the availability of the walk-in sites?
The availability of walk-in sites is only provided on the day of arrival after 1:00PM. Please call the front gate to check availability before you make your trip. Especially during peak seasons, please note that Jalama Beach walk-in sites will have limited availablity due to the number of prospective campers already on the wait list.