About Us

Our Mission:

To establish and maintain a safe and healthy environment between humans and animals in Santa Barbara County.

Our Goals:

  • To protect the human and domestic animal population from rabies.
  • To protect the animal population from the dangers of the streets and the wild, and from other potential harm.

Our Objectives

  • To assure that a minimum of 90% of Santa Barbara County's dog population has been vaccinated against rabies.
  • To protect the public's safety by enforcing animal codes and ordinances and animal quarantines.
  • To prevent and investigate the inhumane treatment of animals.
  • To educate and inform the public in the areas of animal codes, animal ordinances, and responsible pet ownership.
  • To implement and maintain an automated licensing program for dogs, and animal related businesses.
  • To respond to emergency service requests from the public or law enforcement as quickly as possible and no later than one hour after receiving the call.
  • To respond to routine service requests from the public within forty-eight hours.
  • To impound (domestic and wild) stray animals.
  • To provide services to the public to aid them in locating their lost animals.
  • To implement, maintain, and encourage an adoption program for impounded animals.
  • To provide, with veterinary supervision and/or assistance, medical attention for all impounded animals.
  • To manage unclaimed and homeless animals through medical and behavioral rehabilitation; foster care; adoption; transfer to approved adoption partners; or when necessary to alleviate suffering or protect the community, humane euthanasia.