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What is a microchip?

A microchip is a rice-sized radio frequency identification device (RFID), that is quickly and painlessly inserted under your pet's skin.

How to microchip your pet:

Contact Santa Barbara County Animal Services to learn more about upcoming microchip clinics or schedule an appointment here .

Many shelters will ensure that dogs and cats are microchipped prior to adoption. However, please confirm with the shelter directly to be sure.

What happens after you microchip you pet?

Keep your contact information up to date with your pet's microchip provider.

If you're unsure of your microchip provider, register your pet's microchip number online through 24PetWatch's microchip portal or by calling 1-866-375-7387. Enhanced protection membership opportunities are available. To learn more, visit 24PetWatch.com.

It's important to ensure that your contact details are connected to the microchip are accurate and remain up to date at all times. This is your pet's chance to help finders reunite you and your lost pet.

Interested in a FREE microchip? Check out our partner's website for availability!

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