Home Kitchen Operations in Santa Barbara County

Cottage Food Operations (CFOs)

Cottage Food Operators with a registration or permit from Environmental Health Services can use their home kitchen to make, sell and give away certain low-risk foods that do not require refrigeration. Only foods listed on the California Approved Cottage Food List may be made in a Cottage Food Operation. Examples of approved foods are jams or jellies made with high-acid fruits (like strawberries), baked goods such as brownies or cookies, dried foods, and some confections: Approved Cottage Foods List

Class A Cottage Food Operators may sell directly to their customers (direct sales) within California. They must complete a self-certification registration checklist with Environmental Health Services.

Class B Cottage Food Operators may sell directly to their customers (direct sales) within California and may also sell to restaurants or retail facilities (indirect sales) within the County in which they hold their Cottage Food permit. Class B Cottage Food Operators must apply for a health permit with Environmental Health Services and may be inspected by Environmental Health Services on an annual basis.

For more information about Cottage Food Operations, registrations and permits in Santa Barbara County, please read the Cottage Food FAQs and Cottage Food Guidance below under RESOURCES.

Cottage Food Forms and Guidance Material

Cottage Food Application Instructions -

All applicants for a Cottage Food Operation must reside within Santa Barbara County. Applicants should read and be familiar with the Cottage Food Guidance educational document before completing the application:

Class A Self Certification Checklist (online form).

Class B Self Certification and Application - Complete application in full, print and submit with payment to:

Santa Barbara County Environmental Health Services

2125 Centerpointe Pkwy, Suite 333
Santa Maria, CA 93455
225 Camino Del Remedio
Santa Barbara, CA 93110