Mortuary Information



        Burial Permit                           $12.00
        Death Certificate                     $24.00
        Mailing Fee   per order*         $2.00

* Either add fee to the total order or include a stamped envelope

Mortuary Filing
The burial permit is prepared at the time of filing of the death certificate within the  Electronic Death Registration System (EDRS) with cooperation of doctors, hospitals, coroner, and mortuaries, and filed prior to disposition of the deceased. Filing hours are between 9:00 AM-11:30 AM and 1:00 PM-4 PM, Monday-Friday. 

***** Important Mortuary Filing Tips *****

***** EDRS Fax Alert Form *****

Out of County Mortuary Filing
Mortuaries located outside of Santa Barbara County that are requesting either a certified of informational copy of a death certificate, use this application and enclose the appropriate fees.

Emergency Filing
After-hours  emergency filing is available on weekends for the immediate filing of death certificates and burial permits. There is no additional fee for after-hours filings. The need for emergency filing must be demonstrated (e.g. religious reasons, shipping out of the country).  Emergencies are defined as deaths that occur after 12 PM on the proceeding business day where the deceased was a member of the Muslim, Jewish or other religious faith that practices the disposition of the body within 1-2 days after death.

The mortuary must ensure that the death certificate and burial permit are completed in EDRS, and ready for acceptance by the Local Registrar (our staff). Mortuary staff may then call the number below to request filing on an emergency basis (must state reason). Our staff will assist with the completion of the filing.

 Emergency Filing Hours: 9:00 AM-12 PM. Saturday, Sunday, and unavailable on all County Holidays.

 Emergency Filing Phone Number: (805) 681-5280. Only active after hours.


County Observed Holidays

New Year's Day

January 1

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday

3rd Monday in January

President's Day

3rd Monday in January

Memorial Day

last Monday in May

Independence Day

July 4

Labor Day

1st Monday in September

Veteran's Day

November 11

Thanksgiving Day and following Friday

4th Thursday in November


December 25