Land Division

The division and adjustment of boundaries between adjacent lots in the unincorporated areas of Santa Barbara County are regulated by Chapter 21 of the Santa Barbara County Code, which was adopted pursuant to the Subdivision Map Act of the State of California. The provisions of this Code is intended to provide minimum requirements necessary for the protection of public peace, health, safety, and general welfare.

For regulations governing land use and development, please refer to Chapter 35 - Land Use and Development Code.

Chapter 21 – Land Division

Chapter 21 - Land Division: This ordinance regulates the division of land in compliance with the requirements of the Subdivision Map Act. This ordinance also includes regulations for lot line adjustments

Subdivision Map Act: This document is the State law that establishes provisions for tentative, final and parcel maps as well as certificates of compliance, lot line adjustments, reversions to acreage and voluntary mergers. The Map Act delegates to local agencies the regulation and control of the design and improvement of subdivisions.