Orcutt Community Plan


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Dan Klemann, Deputy Director, Long Range Planning

orcutt cp

The Orcutt Planning Area (OPA) is located immediately south of the City of Santa Maria and contains approximately 14,650 acres within 10,300 assessors parcels. Consistent with State law, the planning area boundary contains both the unincorporated urban areas of the community of Orcutt and adjacent rural unincorporated areas which either have some potential for urbanization during the next 20 years (e.g., west Orcutt), or are related to the urban area from a resource perspective (e.g., Solomon Hills).

Completed Projects

Old Town Orcutt Traffic, Circulation and Parking Study

Old Town Orcutt Streetscape Concept Plan and Design Guidelines

Union Valley Parkway Extension / Orcutt Community Plan Amendment

Planning Documents

Orcutt Community Plan

Orcutt Community Plan Environmental Impact Report

Orcutt Community Plan Amendments 

Orcutt Community Plan Area Maps

Orcutt Community Plan Text Amendments